We don’t just build machines. We deliver solutions that are designed to last for a very long time. A key part of this is that Viverk also provides services that can modernize and extend the lifetime of our machines.

At our advanced development and manufacturing facility in Vislanda, we also perform contract work such as water cutting and other manufacturing.

As part of the quotation process, we also offer customers assistance with cleanliness measurements, laboratory tests and financing solutions.

For organizations that have already acquired or are considering acquiring an industrial washing machine, we now also have a brand new cloud service – Viverk Machine Advisory – that provides a wide range of benefits.

Tommy Sandersson provtvättar på Viverk.


Viverk and Siemens have now deepened their cooperation and can together offer new financing solutions, including the possibility to rent washing systems.

In addition to the possibility of financing, the cooperation also opens up the possibility of:

  1. Easier upgrading or replacing when needs change
  2. Simplified budgeting based on predictable cost levels
  3. Buying out a system later at a predetermined value
  4. Freeing up valuable borrowing potential
  5. Handling quality-enhancing cleanliness as an operating cost
  6. Getting free service during the rental period

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Awareness and knowledge of industrial cleanliness are not just competitive advantages. They are also critical aspects for survival, with large manufacturers in particular raising the cleanliness requirements for their subcontractors’ products.

Together with SKF and Rise, Viverk has put together a seminar in which we go through the different aspects of cleanliness in theory (requirements, measurement and standards), consequence (cost and sustainability) and how it works in practice, i.e. which techniques are suitable for specific applications.

In addition to such seminars, Viverk can also offer tailor-made cleanliness training sessions in various formats, such as:

  1. A webinar via e.g. Teams
  2. On site at Viverk with the possibility of sample washing and contamination analysis
  3. On site at the customer
  4. Open conferences in meeting rooms

For more information about Viverk’s training sessions, please contact us at:
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Viverk Machine Advisory

Viverk washing machines are prepared for IoT and can easily be connected to Viverk’s cloud service Viverk Machine Advisory. A washing system connected to Viverk Machine Advisory provides you with the data you need and want in order to maximize productivity and minimize operating costs.

Viverk’s cloud service controls who can access what data and gives you, the user, the opportunity to choose and evaluate the things that are relevant to you and when, how and where you should be served the data. Like Viverk’s washing systems, the information presented in the online application is customer-specific. You decide what data you want and how often it should be updated.

Which data and metrics you can access depends of course on the type of machine and equipment, but in Viverk’s case all the sensors are built-in from the start and connected to the washing machine’s control unit – the PLC – which in turn is the device that is connected to the cloud service. If more measurements or controls are needed, it is easy to equip an existing washer with these.

The price is determined by the number of signals and the update frequency. It consists of a fixed installation cost with software and hardware, and a monthly cost for data and updates.

Viverk Machine Advisory provides:

  • Full control even remotely
  • Access to process data such as consumption, utilization and productivity
  • Information about the status and function of components
  • Analysis tools that allow you to maximize productivity and minimize operating costs
  • Messages and alarms as push notifications, to minimize downtime

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Så här kan det se ut när du tar del av en Viverk-tvätts maskindata i Viverks molntjänst, men det kan också se helt annorlunda ut beroende på vilka data du vill styra och övervaka. I tjänsten finns även möjlighet att få meddelanden och notiser om saker som kan behöva åtgärdas, som exempelvis underhållslarm.

Contract work, water cutting and other manufacturing

Viverk started using water cutting in 1999. We have just replaced our old machine with a brand new one. We offer water cutting mainly in short series. The machine has a working area of 3,000 x 1,600 mm. We can perform cutting on most hard and soft materials.

CAD files are received digitally and processed in the water cutting machine software. Viverk is a member of SWA, the Scandinavian Waterjet Association, and we can usually offer short delivery times.

We offer contract work in the following areas:

  • TIG and MIG welding
  • Edge pressing
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Water cutting

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