Delivered washing equipment

Viverk Flow-Jet with integrated vacuum oven

To our customer, who is a supplier in the automobile industry, we have recently delivered a washing plant meeting up to their requirements concerning both cleanness and capacity. 

The result is a Viverk Flow-Jet washing machine with an integrated vacuum oven, all in the same chamber.

The washing plant is equipped with a pneumatic loading unit charged by a robot.

Viverk Flow-Jet

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Carousel washing machine placed in a container

Our customer, who is in the off-shore business, was looking for a washing equipment meeting up to their requirements and that also could be placed inside a container to used out in the field or on a ship.

The details was to be washed clean from mud and salt water from the sea.

Viverk has, in the container provided by the customer, installed a carousel washing machine with a separate pre washing station. This has also been added with a robot handling the details inside the container.

Container with Viverk washing machine

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Viverk tunnel washing machine with a Nibe heat pump

Viverk received a request from Nibe manufacturing a tunnel washing machine that could use their heat pump for heating. This was an exciting challenge resulting in a plant with heat pump and cooling battery placed upon the washing machine in order to minimize the occupied floor space.

By this construction the energy saving is 67%, the air in the premises is cooled down to a comfortable temperature and the consumption of detergents has been reduced from 25 l/week to 1,7 l/week.

tunnel washing machine

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Basic cabinet washing machine with transport wagon

We are delivering, to a customer in Thailand, a basic cabinet washing machine with a pneumatic door. This typ of budget washing machines are available in three sizes and they can be fitted with either a folding down door or a pneumatic drop down door.

For the washing machine with a pneumatic door you can choose adding a loading platform or, as the photo below shows, a transport wagon.

basic cabinet washing machine with transport wagon

For more information, please contact Stefan Hellberg on phone +46 8 544 022 32 or e-mail 

Washing machine for clutch casings and gear housings

Viverk has delivered two 1-step Flow-Jet washing machines for washing of clutch casings and gear housings.

The details are placed in special designed fixtures and are washed during rotation. The baths are purified continuously by two bag filters and there is also a de-ionizing filter on each machine that is used during refilling of water.

The machine is controlled by a robot that loads and unloads the details and also starts the washing process. All movements in the washing machine are electrically controlled and there is no penumatics. 

Viverk washing machine

For more information, please contact Stefan Hellberg on phone +46 8 544 022 32 or e-mail 

Two-stage washing machine with rotating goods

In standard cabinet washing machines, the details are placed and kept still while the flushing pipes are rotating around the details, during the washing process.

Sometimes you will obtain a better washing result if you have fixed flushing pipes and instead have the details rotate inside the cabinet.

This is preferably used if you want to clean the details using a higher pressure.

This cabinet washing machine has been customer adjusted by Viverk for delivery to a customer who cleans motor details at their development department.

cabinet washing machine no 1809

For more information, please contact Stefan Hellberg on phone +46 8 544 022 32 or e-mail 

Viverk cabinet washing machine for both internal and external cleaning of details

Viverk has delivered a customer adjusted cabinet washing machine, type VKT-224-E2, that washes the customer's casted transmission housings both internally and externally. The transmission housings are made in aluminium and bronze and are heavily dirtied and hard to clean internally, and the cleanness requirements are high.

The unique thing with the Viverk cabinet washing machine is that the charging wagon docks automatically and it is equipped with a special nozzle that cleans the details internally. The docking is adjustable in height in order to fit several different type of details. You can also wash two different details at the same time.

cabinet washing machine

For more information, please contact Erik Conradsson, tel. +46 708 76 81 75.

Three step washing machine for injector housings

Viverk has delivered, to Gnutti Carlo Sweden AB in Alvesta, a complete closed three step washing machine with integrated ultra-sonic, flushing and vacuum drying. The injector housings, that are to be cleaned, have the highest cleanness demands. The machine is very energy-efficient and consumes only a small amount of chemicals. It has a high capacity washing 4 baskets at the same time.

Flow-jet washing machine from Viverk


Are you interested and want to know more of what we can offer? Please contact Erik Conradsson on phone +46 708 76 81 75

Washing machine for fuel details

We have delivered, to Bufab in Värnamo, a 3-step Flow-Jet washing machine, VFT-124-P3-UL-VVU, with integrated ultra sonic and vacuum oven. The machine is adjusted for cleaning of fuel details with high purity demands from the vehicle industry. The details are placed in stacking pallets which are placed in baskets. The washing machine washes 4 baskets at the same time.

Viverk 3-step Flow-Jet with integrated ultra sonic and vacuum drying 

For more information please contact Erik Conradsson on phone +46 708 76 81 75. 

Washing machine for pressed details 

For cleaning of pressed sheet metal details we have delivered a Viverk Flow-Jet two step washing machine with manual handling, of the model VFT-124-P2. The details are washed in baskets after eccentric pressing process.

Viverk two step Flow-Jet with manual handling

For more information please contact Erik Conradsson on phone +46 708 76 81 75. 

Washing machine for press tools

Viverk has delivered a two step cabinet washing machine for press tools up to
10 000 kg for tool maintenance.

In order to obtain an optimal run off and washing effect the machine is equipped with a tilting function so you can choose if you would like to wash the goods standing up straight or lying down. We have also earlier delivered a similar washing machine for press tools up to 30 000 kg.

Viverk two step cabinet washing machine VKT for tools up to 10000 kg

Tilting equipment for Viverk cabinet washing machineViverk VKT washing machine with tilt for turning heavy details

For more information please contact Stefan Hellberg +46 70 604 97 19.




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