Tunnel Washing Machine

Tunnel washing machine type VTT

Viverk tunnel washing machine, type VTT, performs the washing process in a tunnel in 1-10 steps for a continuous washing of details in areas where high capacity is required. The machine is manufactured as standard in one or two-stage performance.

The tunnel washing machine may be equipped with different types of transport systems e.g. chain, mesh conveyor, stepping feeder etc.

Areas of use for tunnel washing machine


Functional description for tunnel washing machine

The washing process takes place in separate treatment rooms with safety zones equipped with either bristles or rubber strips to avoid mixing of the liquids used.

During washing the products are loaded/suspended on the conveyor and are fed into the machine. The itmes to be washed are sprayed with a fixed pipe system with adjustable spray nozzles, which totally encose the products and provide a full spray action, even from underneath.  The tunnel washing machine may also be equipped with several extra post treament steps e.g. blow off, drying oven or cooling zone.

Advantages with Viverk tunnel washing machine

The tunnel washing machine has a low energy consumption. The machine is equipped extra walls, a guide plate, rubber strips and intermideiate bottom to prevent the energy from being sucked out through the exhaustion tube. 

It requires only a minimum of service service. The design makes it very eqsy to service and maintain. The tunnel washing machine has inpection hatches at each treatment station. 

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