Special Washing Machines

Special adjusted washing machines

The requirements for components in separate industrial applications are increasing continuously. The cleanness is a condition for sustainable, effective products with high precision.

Viverk are experts in industrial washing technique. Customers in the manufacturing industry, with cleanness requirements on their products, enjoy customer adjusted functional solutions by Viverk's unique solutions and wide competence in the industrial cleaning area.

Viverk deliver customer adjusted special machines built completely after the customers' requirements and demands. Each customer's demands on cleanness, availability and capacity are met up by the appropriate plant from Viverk.

Functionality, reliability and durability are lead word for us at Viverk!

Washing machine for cleaning of fuel pipes

On the picture above you can see a special adjusted washing machine for internal cleaning of fuel pipes.

After the washing process the fuel pipes are directly forwarded to a clean room, the washing machine works as a passage/sluice to the clean room.

Are you interested in other type of washing machines? Please take look at our Tunnel washing machines.


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