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Viverk develops the industrial washing technique.

In Vislanda, Småland, new and exciting things are happening. Viverk AB has, once again, developed an innovation within the industrial washing area. This time in order to wash threaded holes that hare not going all the way through the detail, clean from metal chips. It is in relation to a larger project for the vehicle industry that Viverk has succeeded with this revolutionary solution.

"Both the branch and our customers has earlier viewed this as very hard or even impossible to get the chips out of holes that are not going all the way through. That is why it is exciting that we have been able to develop a solution for this. The technique that we offer provides great possibilities for our customers, to be more effective in their manufacturing process and increase the quality on their products.” says Michael Wickell, Managing Director at Viverk.

The market is strong, both the demand and the cleanness requirements are continuously increasing in the industrial production business. The new, patent pending, functions from Viverk have already been applied on a numerous machines at the company’s customers and they see a continued large interest.

"With a high cleanness on the products the quality and life length his increased on the customers’ products. The vehicle industry is in the front row within the technical development, they are often very demanding customers, and that is why it very satisfying that we have been able to develop these functions. A long life is a condition for an environmental friendly future and a sustainable development” comments Roger Åhsberg who is the constructing engineer behind this new innovation. 

"Our knowledge and long experience in this area make it possible to offer special adjusted products and solutions. This makes us unique and, to our great pleasure, requested. Today our volume is more than 50% higher than last year and the future is also looking interesting” ends Michael Wickell.

 Viverk washing machine with new function

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