VTT – Tunnel Washer

Viverk’s Tunnel Washer for industrial use is a customized industrial washing machine that is adapted to meet specific dimensional and cleanliness requirements. The industrial washing machine can offer several different steps and can also be equipped with a subsequent drying and cooling zone.

Several options are available regarding transport through the system, such as belt conveyor, overhead conveyor, chain conveyor, roller conveyor, step feeder or walking-beam conveyor.

The tunnel washer uses adjustable flushing nozzles that can clean the goods from all directions, including from below, with maximum flushing pressure and high flow. The washing machine can have several different rinsing and washing zones with seals or sluices between the zones to separate the various washing steps and prevent mixing of the washing fluids.

The tunnel washing machine is well insulated and has enclosed fluid systems with recycling, to reduce costs and minimize the environmental impact. The machine has a low noise level, requires minimal servicing, has an ergonomic working height and is easy to use and maintain.

Viverk VTT - Tunneltvätt

Depending on the requirements and the structure of the goods, we can also integrate various unique features to ensure additional quality throughout the process.

  • Oil separator
  • Chemical dosing
  • Particle filtration
  • Deionization
  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Drying
  • Steam condensation
  • Energy recovery
  • Machines connected to the internet



Depending on your requirements, you can choose between single-step and multi-step machines, all of which can be loaded manually or automatically.

  • Single-step machines: one tank for washing and degreasing.
  • Two-step machines: two tanks – one for washing/degreasing and one for rinsing.
  • Multi-step machines: multiple tanks for degreasing, normal washing, gentle washing and rinsing.

Each machine can be equipped with up to four separate fluid tanks and integrated drying. An alternative is to use common tanks with shuttle valves separating them, which prevent the various fluids from mixing.

Similarly, depending on the type of goods to be washed and the requirements that are defined, it is possible to choose between different after-treatment zones:

  • Heating zone
  • Drying zone
  • Cooling zone

The features of a tunnel washing machine can be combined in different ways and according to different needs. Depending on your specifications, they are equipped with different chemicals, different numbers of separate washing and flushing zones, drying technologies and heat treatment.

The different zones of the tunnel washer can be separated by brush seals, rubber strips or sluice gates to create separate treatment spaces inside the tunnel washer.


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