Chamber Washer

VKT-BASIC is a compact and robust industrial washing machine. It is ideal for small factories where many different types of goods need to be carefully cleaned. The washing machine is also ideal for the maintenance or repair department of larger industrial facilities.

VKT-BASIC is an energy-efficient single-step chamber washing machine. It is available with a number of different sizes of accessories and with a pneumatic hatch or folding hatch. The machine is well insulated and has a completely closed fluid system. It has a low noise level, an ergonomic working height and is easy to maintain.

Viverk Kammartvätt VKT Basic

The goods requiring washing are placed on a sturdy and durable loading trolley, which is pushed into the flushing chamber. The flushing ramps begin to rotate so that the adjustable flushing nozzles can access the goods for cleaning from all sides, including from below. The fluid is directed to a filter basket in which chips and larger particles are filtered out. The stainless steel basket, with a 650 micron mesh, is easy to remove and clean.

Flushing is done using a stainless steel centrifugal pump. The pump has a mechanical shaft seal that prevents leakage. A pressure gauge is installed on the line, for visual inspection of the condition of the flushing system. This allows defects to be detected and maintenance to be carried out on the machine in good time.

After the washing process has been completed, the loading trolley is pushed out on either a transport trolley or a fixed loading platform, depending on which accessory you choose.

The work cycle is controlled by a sequence-controlled program that starts/stops the pumping and evacuation at set times. The washing time can easily be changed on the control panel.

Product information

  • Flexible washing of different types of goods – on a fixture or directly on the loading trolley
  • Controlled via an easy-to-operate panel
  • Programmable washing programs based on your time, cleanliness and environmental requirements
  • Made in Sweden with Swedish quality standards
  • Interior 2 mm stainless steel sheet, insulation with 35 mm of mineral wool covered with stainless steel sheet
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Designed for alkaline washing fluids
  • washing temperature 80°C
  • Operating voltage -24V/~220 V 50Hz
  • Electrical equipment compliant with the SS EN 60204-1 standard
  • Operating and maintenance instructions included

VKT Premium

VKT-PREMIUM is a modular and fully customer-specific industrial washing machine that is custom produced to meet specific requirements for aspects such as dimensions, cleanliness, dryness and washing.

It is essentially a chamber-type washer in which the goods to be washed are placed in a basket or on a pallet that is fed into the flushing chamber. The flushing ramps are rotated so that the adjustable flushing nozzles can access the goods to allow cleaning from all directions, including from below, with maximum flushing pressure and high flow. The fluid is directed to a filter basket where chips and larger particles are filtered out. Baths are heated using stainless steel electric cartridges.

The robust machine is well insulated and has fully enclosed fluid systems with recycling, to reduce costs and minimize the environmental impact. It has a low noise level, requires minimal servicing, has an ergonomic working height and is easy to maintain. The machine can be combined with a number of different transport systems and hatch variants.

With this as a base, we then add machines and special features to ensure that the goods are sparklingly clean in accordance with the specifications.

Depending on the requirements and the structure of the goods, we can also integrate various unique features to ensure additional quality throughout the process.

  • Chip Clean
  • Flex-Lance
  • Rotation of goods
  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Drying
  • Steam condensation
  • Energy recovery
  • Machines connected to the internet


Depending on your requirements, you can choose between single-step and multi-step machines, all of which can be loaded manually or automatically.

  • Single-step machines: one tank for washing and degreasing.
  • Two-step machines: two tanks – one for washing/degreasing and one for rinsing.
  • Multi-step machines: multiple tanks for degreasing, normal washing, gentle washing and rinsing.

Each machine can be equipped with up to four separate fluid tanks and integrated drying. An alternative is to use common tanks with shuttle valves separating them, which prevent the various fluids from mixing.

These machines can then be combined in different ways based on different needs. The possibilities are endless. For example, several single-step and multi-step machines can be linked together and share tasks, to multiply the washing capacity and increase the washing speed. Depending on your specifications, they are equipped with different chemicals, different numbers of separate wash and flushing options, drying technologies and unique special features.


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