Tailored solutions

As a rule, our customers are not actively looking for a chamber washing machine or tunnel washing machine. They instead have trouble getting things sufficiently clean. However, the type of washing equipment that best suits them depends on a variety of things, with cleanliness requirements being one of several factors.

So we usually start by finding out what the contaminant is and what level of cleanliness is required, by doing test washes and analyzing the results. It is then determined what scope and environment apply to the wash, and it is decided which washing and drying technology are best suited to the particular case.

Viverk has a number of standard washing systems with Basic and Premium versions that can tackle many common tasks, but customized solutions are quite often required and this is Viverk’s great strength – customizing industrial washing machines and developing washing technology for various specialized areas.

Viverk industritvättmaskin

Industrial washing machines

Viverk’s washing solutions

At Viverk, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the right type of washing equipment for the specific nature and use of the goods. But our washing systems are essentially just different solutions to our customers’ different types of problems.

VKT – Viverk Chamber Washer

VKT Premium

A chamber washer is a closed flush washer with flushing arches that flush, wash and dry goods in a closed space – a washing chamber. A chamber washer can have several tanks and different functions for washing, rinsing and drying. The flushing arches can be rotated and their nozzles can be directed to different critical areas.

As a chamber washer operates using a closed system, all the washing and rinsing fluids are collected, filtered, purified and recycled, thus also allowing most of the heat that is used to be recovered.

For faster, higher-capacity washing, functions can also be split between multiple chambers, which share the tasks and wash and dry in parallel. Optimally, multi-chamber washers are fed using an automated transport system.

  • Suitable for goods with relatively simple geometries
  • Degree of cleanliness: High particle cleanliness, can also clean inside with lance function
  • Capacity: Wash cycle time of 5–30 minutes including drying

VFT – Viverk Flow-Jet Washer

VFT Premium

Viverk’s Flow-Jet-Washer is basically a chamber washer, but with a more advanced cleaning technology called Flow-Jet that is unique to Viverk. It works on the principle of filling the chamber with water and injecting water and air into the water-filled chamber by ejector action. This creates cavitation bubbles that provide desirable properties such as improved cleanliness.

In washing contexts in which goods are washed for a limited time, cavitation bubbles act as a powerful cleaning agent that can provide a final high level of cleanliness that is otherwise difficult to achieve.

In addition, the Flow-Jet bath wash is overflowed so that contaminants are removed and rinsed directly into an overflow system instead of falling back onto the goods. Compare this with, for example, the water in a bathtub, which is not overflowed but is simply drained from below.

  • Suitable for goods with relatively complex geometries
  • Degree of cleanliness: High particle cleanliness, can also clean inside with lance function
  • Capacity: Wash cycle time of 5–30 minutes including drying

VTT – Viverk Tunnel Washer

VTT Tunneltvätt

A tunnel washer is a system in which goods are fed through the system on a conveyor belt, during which time they are washed and dried, step by step.

The process allows parallel washing of many goods at the same time and can use washing technologies such as flushing and rinsing, but not technologies that require closed chambers in order to work, such as Flow-Jet, ultrasound and vacuum drying.

The tunnel washer can also clean, filter and recycle both heat and washing fluids, but not with the same high level of efficiency as a closed washing chamber.

  • Suitable for goods with simple geometries
  • Degree of cleanliness: High particle cleanliness
  • Capacity: Wash cycle time of 10–600 seconds including drying, depending on how many items are being washed at the same time

Washing systems and integrated systems

Femstegs tvättanläggning med automatiserad matning.

In industrial applications, time is often an essential factor in achieving a high production flow in the manufacturing process.

Automated transport systems, where transfer trolleys serve washers from the infeed and outfeed tables, can both automate the washing process and split it into several parts.

Viverk’s washers can handle very high production flows and can be combined so that several different and similar washers work in parallel. This allows multiple different washing and drying technologies to be combined, while the throughput rate is very high.

Customized washing systems

Viverks specialutvecklade rörtvätt

Specially adapted or custom-built washers are also sometimes required to wash specific goods. And this is one of Viverk’s specialities – tailoring and developing washing technology for various specialist areas.

At Viverk, it is not unusual for us to invent a whole new washing technology specifically for your needs; we’ve done it many times before. And that means that we have already solved many problems and acquired a solid toolbox of both standard and specialized washing technologies that we can utilize.


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