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Viverk is a company with extensive experience in the Swedish industry, with headquarters and manufacturing in Vislanda, Småland. In order to maintain a long-term and healthy business, it is of the utmost importance that each of us behaves economically, socially, and ethically responsibly when carrying out our work or otherwise representing Viverk. We take responsibility and exercise control in the settings where we operate, as well as towards business partners and society in general.

We conduct our business with high integrity, transparency to the possible and required extent, and morality towards all parties, including colleagues, customers, suppliers, other business partners, and representatives of society.

This document outlines the key principles that should guide and govern our work and actions to ensure that we always act in a correct manner that promotes the best interests of Viverk and society. It serves as a guide when making decisions, prioritizing, and determining how to interact with customers, colleagues, and partners. Together, we contribute to a healthy and responsible business.

Michael Wickell, CEO


Our vision is to create a cleaner product world with a lower climate inpact. We achieve this by designing and manufacturing tailor-made and sustainable industrial washing equipment of world-class quality, enabling our customers to attain the cleanliness in their products that results in the highest quality and long lifespan. As experts in cleaning technology, we meet cleanliness requirements so that our customers’ products can deliver optimal performance year after year with minimal environmental impact. We work collaboratively with our customers in the long term, from pre-sales consultation to after-sales support.

We aim to be an attractive employer through clear goals, an open climate, participation, competence and product development, with respect for, and support of each other as a team. We aspire to be a well-known and trusted first-choice to our customers. Viverk should be synonymous with customer satisfaction through responsiveness, competence, quality, and service. We strive to achieve a sustainable and successful design and manufacturing process by collectively harnessing and developing our expertise.

  • COMPETENCE: We are professionals in our roles, in improvement work, in communication, in the purposeful execution of commitments, and in our customer interactions. We seek continuous development and take pride in what we know and do.
  • QUALITY: We are committed to the business, our products and solutions, and collaboration. The foundation of our success relies on a strong belief in product development and innovation. By continually seeking new and better ways, we can develop unique solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.
  • SERVICE: We are mentally and physically available for our customers, colleagues, both managers and employees, as well as for others’ thoughts and ideas. We do not leave a customer, colleague, or partner stranded.

We show respect for everyone’s opinions, for other people, for our own and others’ time, for laws and regulations, and for how we utilize our resources. We strive for the highest possible safety standards and feel responsible for our own and others’ safety. Within the areas where we have influence, we shall strive to ensure that our suppliers, subcontractors, agents, and other partners adhere to the principles outlined in our Code of Conduct.


We design, manufacture, and market our products to comply with current laws and maintain the highest quality. This is crucial to ensure that our customers continue to choose our products.

We also commit to ensuring that we do not purchase and use counterfeit products or components that have an origin conflicting with human rights.

Situations may occur where the private interest of an employee may conflict with Viverk’s interests. Depending on how the employee acts in such a situation, it may damage Viverk. An example of such a conflict would be if an employee chose to buy something from a supplier where a close friend works even though the price is much higher than the market price.

If an employee finds itself in an apparent or actual conflict of interest, he/she should inform their manager about the situation and jointly find a solution where no damage is done to Viverk.

Corruption is wrong and a threat to society since it hinders economic, social and democratic development. Therefore, we do not tolerate any form of payment or incentive that is made with the intention of influencing a business decision. We want our business relationships to be based on trust and honesty rather than bribes and foul play.

As an employee of Viverk you are not allowed to accept a bribe or to bribe others. Exchange of gifts and hospitality may improve working relationships but may never be given as inducement for a business deal.

Free market competition benefits all markets players and Viverk should therefore never engage in any anti-competitive activities. We do not enter into any anti-competitive agreements with competitors, suppliers or customers. We adhere to the applicable competition and anti-trust legislation.

There are numerous laws and regulations imposed by international and regional bodies with the purpose of preventing violation of international Law and human rights etc. Export control restricts the export of certain goods, technology and software whereas trade sanctions restrict or prohibit certain trade and financial transactions.

Employees at Viverk who are considering doing business with any country, company, organisation or individual must pro-actively perform due diligence so that we do not engage with anyone named in a sanction lists. Any export we engage in must have the proper export control licenses.

We disclose all financial transactions in accordance with the Book-keeping Act, the Annual Accounts Act and the general guidelines of the Swedish Accounting Standards Board (BFN).


The handling of personal data of employees, former employees, customers, suppliers and other affected parties is done in accordance with GDPR and applicable Swedish law.

Information and technical know-how are important assets to the company, both in physical and digital form. It must therefore be handled with precaution to avoid loss or theft. Intellectual property includes sensitive information such as preliminary results, business plans, planned fusions and acquisitions, upcoming businesses etc, drawings, management systems, databases, juridical documents (patents, licenses, contracts) etc.

Employees must ensure that all confidential information, both in paper and electronic form, is kept safe and protected. This is especially important when working or discussing work in public places such as restaurants, stations and airports.


We are convinced that through the development and optimization of our products and processes, we can contribute to a more sustainable world. We strive for efficient and sustainable use of the planet’s resources. We have an active environmental management system at all levels with organizational structures, management systems, procedures, and training plans to ensure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and standards. We are certified according to ISO 14001.

To achieve continuous improvements, we involve our employees, including subcontractors, partners, and other stakeholders, in environmental management. Our ambition is to constantly reduce the environmental impact of our products and services by finding ways to minimize negative environmental effects throughout the entire lifecycle of the product.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Having a strong and enduring relationship with all employees, built on mutual respect and dignity, is crucial for Viverk. The employment conditions offered to employees should meet the requirements of national laws and relevant ILO conventions. We have collective agreements in place. We promote a safe and healthy work environment and engage in systematic improvement efforts.

We provide equal opportunities to individuals regardless of race, skin color, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, or other distinguishing characteristics. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment. We are convinced that workplace diversity is a crucial factor for success.

Vi want our employees and others working with Viverk to be able to report observations or suspicions of activities or behaviors that violate our Code of Conduct. This is to ensure that proper investigation and action can be taken without the reporting individual facing retaliation.

There are various ways to report misconduct and concerns. Talk directly or send an email to:

If you wish to remain anonymous, the best option is The matters sent there are anonymized by an external party. When a report is submitted, the situation will be reviewed, and necessary actions will be taken.

Download Viverk´s Code of conduct as PDF.


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