We are very proud of our machines and are committed to making them last a long time. That’s why we also offer comprehensive services and a well-developed aftermarket with spare parts, as well as modifications and upgrades.

An important prerequisite for being able to deliver certainty and excellent service is that we have an actual presence in Sweden. Another is that we manufacture our machines ourselves in Sweden and therefore have full control over every detail, whether it’s a new machine, an old machine or a previously modified or upgraded machine.

We also offer comprehensive service agreements to prevent any problems. The aim is always to minimize unplanned breakdowns and operating costs, while maximizing sustainability and lifetime.

Service agreement

Viverk’s washing systems are designed to last a long time and have minimal maintenance requirements. However, some regular servicing is necessary to minimize breakdowns and optimize cleanliness, recovery and operating costs.

With Viverk’s expert help and preventive maintenance, you minimize the risk of any downtime and always receive top priority in the event of a problem. If and when you need to replace wearing parts, you always get the machine manufacturer’s recommended quality at a 10% discount.

Guaranteed optimal operation

Viverk’s service agreement provides guaranteed optimal operation, full warranties and the highest priority. You can also rest assured that any modifications will be carried out in the best possible way with the help of the experts who designed the system, and that the documentation will be updated so that all the elements of the systems are consistent on paper and in reality. Incorrect maintenance measures, use of non-machine specific parts and improperly documented modifications may invalidate the machine warranty.

Viverk’s service agreement provides:

  • Qualified expert help, straight away
  • Preventive maintenance, to avoid downtime
  • Optimal efficiency and washing effect
  • Discounts on spare parts and maintenance materials
Viverks servicebil

Spare parts

When you need spare parts for your systems, we are here to help. We keep a large number of items in stock and if there is something we don’t have we order it immediately.

With Viverk’s spare parts, the risk of downtime is minimized and the best washing results at the lowest possible cost are ensured. If you sign a service agreement, you also get a discount on wearing parts that have the machine manufacturer’s recommended quality.

Viverk’s spare parts provide:

  • The right function and fit
  • The right quality with high reliability
  • Parts that guarantee the validity of the machine warranty
  • The best possible overall operating economy


Viverk supplies chemicals for industrial washing machines for water-based cleaning and degreasing. We have a wide range of products and short delivery times.

Detergents give the washing fluid new properties and can dissolve and wash away a wide range of contaminants on their own. However, different types of contaminants require different types of chemical compositions in order to be dissolved.

Proteins, fat, oil and soot are best dissolved with an alkaline agent, while substances such as oxides, lime and concrete are best dissolved with acidic agents. There are also neutral detergents that are gentler on goods and may also contain finishing agents such as rust inhibitors.

Supplementary chemicals can also be used for after-treatment of goods and minimizing maintenance needs, for example by keeping filters clean of coatings or breaking oil films with surfactants, resulting in oil that can then be disposed of in an oil separator.

The choice of the most suitable chemicals for your needs depends on the goods being washed, the cleanliness requirements and the type of wash. That’s why it is equally important for us to provide you and our washing systems with the chemicals that are best suited to the job.

You can therefore rest assured that with Viverk’s recommended detergents and chemicals, you minimize the risk of any downtime and get the best washing results at the lowest possible cost.

Viverk’s chemicals provide:

  • The right chemical for your goods in a Viverk washer
  • Optimal efficiency and washing effect
  • The right dosage for the best cost-effectiveness
  • Highest possible recovery rate
  • A bath that washes goods clean for a long time

Våra rekommenderade kemikalier och tvättmedel

Order your optimized detergent

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