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Our business is built on the inherent meaning of the words Competence, Quality and Service. For us, this is synonymous with professional pride. We take great pride in our industrial washing machines and are committed to making them last a long time.


Exklusive machines connected online

As part of our development, we work with experts to manufacture machines that are connected to the internet, known as the Internet of Things. Thanks to this new technology, our machines – the only ones of their kind on the market – can send important information in real time. This can range from maintenance needs, productivity and the current temperature to water consumption and chemical concentrations. The information is stored and can then easily and securely be shared within the business. It is also possible to receive push notifications in the event of alarms or at fixed times. Another important advantage is that we at Viverk can also connect remotely to the machines to investigate and remedy any problems – often before they even occur.

“We will offer you the most functional and durable industrial washing machines on the market. When you, the customer, choose to work with us, you can rest assured that we will tailor our solutions to your needs so that we achieve the best possible end result.”

Michael Wickell, CEO



We manufacture our washing machines with great care and high precision in order to suit the goods our customers need to wash while also fulfilling the most specific cleanliness requirements. In close cooperation with our customers, we ensure that the most appropriate technology is used to clean the goods easily and in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The fact that the machines are advanced does not mean that they are difficult to handle. Quite the opposite in fact. Ease of use and user-friendliness are important aspects.



Sustainable and easy-to-maintain industrial washing machines not only increase our professional pride – when the end result is perfect, the sustainability of the goods also increases. This in turn means increased confidence in our customers’ products and benefits for the environment, as fewer materials and manufacturing processes are required. For our tunnel washing machines, for example, we offer a brand new innovation: an energy recovery technology that delivers financial and environmental savings in terms of lower electricity bills and energy losses. Using a smart heat exchanger, the wash water is heated using heat from the evacuation air. From a sustainability perspective, the industry-adapted and robust machines are also designed to be easy to clean, service, update and expand. This ensures that our machines can be used for a long time. From an environmental point of view, we also constantly work on which and what quantities of chemicals we use in our washes. This is also completely customized to meet the needs that arise. In the same way, we try to achieve fully closed systems and make the machines as energy efficient as possible.


For a machine to last for a long time and deliver the desired results, you also need to know how to use it. So it is important that we can assist our customers by providing our expertise regarding the right washing technology for different types of goods, chemical use, cleanliness requirements and service. An important part of what we offer therefore includes training, advice and machine servicing. As we are located in Vislanda in Sweden and not in some other part of the world, you can rest assured that we can come and install and service machines within reasonable periods of time. And if an issue is very urgent, we can provide telephone support. And with current technology, we can even connect online to the machines to check or find the cause of a potential problem. The aim is always to minimize unplanned breakdowns, while maximizing cleanliness, sustainability and lifetime. For added certainty, you can also sign a service agreement with us.

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