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    Viverk Info

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    Viverk Info / Our Offices

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    Viverk Info / Quality & Environment

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  6. Delivered washing equipment

    Products / References / Delivered washing equipment

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  8. Delivered drying equipment

    Products / References / Delivered drying equipment

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    Film clips

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    Welcome to our new web site. We hope that you will find the information you are looking for. If not, please contact us.

  2. Christmas times

    We are closed during the 23rd of Dec. - 1st of Jan. Please find more info. here how to contact us.

  3. Maintenance fair Underhåll

    Follow this link in order to get your ticket

  4. Summer holiday!

    Due to the summer holiday there might be some delay in our service and deliveries please read more...

  5. Christmas times

    We are closed 24th of Dec - 6 th please find more information here:

  6. Reference pictures

    Would you like to see examples of delivered machines?

  7. TeijoViverk is splitting up

    and becomes Teijo and Viverk

  8. Bank holiday hours

    We are celebrating the Eve of May

  9. Holiday opening hours

    Due to Ascension day we have bank holiday in Sweden, read more about our opening hours.

  10. Midsummer!

    We are celebrating Midsummer eve

  11. Photos of delivered drying equipment

    Viverk has delivered a vacuum oven that is integrated in a surface treatment line

  12. Washing plant for quick connections

    Viverk has delivered two plants to Cejn

  13. Christmas holiday!

    During Christmas and New Year our offices are closed. Please learn more about our opening hours here...

  14. Meet us at the fair

    We will have a stand at the Elmia Machine Tools.

  15. Summer holiday!

    July 18-29 our offices are closed, please find out more here...

  16. Rotation unit for cabinet washing machine

    Transforms your VKT to a combination washing machine

  17. New developed Flow-Jet

    Viverk presents a newly developed Flow-Jet with a low energy consumption

  18. Telephone problems

    At the moment we have problems with our telephones, please read more here...

  19. Temporary interruption

    Friday 30th of Sept. at 10:30-11:30 we have a planned telephone stop

  20. Buy one - get two!

    Viverk offers a combinated washing machine...

  21. A new, compact, Flow-Jet!

    A new design of washing machine, for basket material, brings lower energy consumption.

  22. Viverk vacuum oven

    Complement your washing equipment with a vacuum oven

  23. Merry Christmas from Viverk

    Please learn more about our opening hours during the Christmas holidays...

  24. Washing machine for both internal and external cleaning

    Viverk has delivered a washing machine for external and internal cleaning

  25. Two-stage washing machine with rotating goods

    Viverk has delivered a cabinet washing machine adusted to our customer's requirements.

  26. Happy Easter holiday!

    We are closed during the Easter holiday, please find out more here...

  27. Basic one step washing machine

    Viverk has a range of basic cabinet washing machines with budget pricing

  28. Bank holiday in Sweden

    We are closed during Thursday and Friday (25-26th of May)...

  29. Washing machine for clutch casings and gear housings

    We have delivered two Flow-Jet washing machines for clutch casings and gear housings

  30. The National Day of Sweden

    Opening hours during our national holiday...

  31. Washing machine for clutch casings and gear housings

    We have delivered two Flow-Jet washing machines for clutch casings and gear housings

  32. Summer holiday

    We are closed during week 28-30, you can still contact us...

  33. Viverk has a new owner and managing director

    Please find out more here...

  34. Viverk has a new owner and managing director

    Please find out more here...

  35. Future Viverk events

    Please find out more about our event plans...

  36. Our most popular model

    Our cabinet washing machine VKT-155-P is our most popular cabinet washing machine.

  37. Basic cabinet washing machine with transport wagon

    Take a look at our transport wagon...

  38. A heat pump lowered the energy cost

    Find out more how Viverk built a tunnel washing machine heated with the Nibe heat pump...

  39. Tunnel washing machine for aluminium details

    Viverk has delivered a tunnel washing machine for aluminium details...


  1. Drying

    Drying Equipment

  2. Tunnel Washing Machine

    Viverk customer adjusted

  3. Flow-Jet Washing Machine

    Viverk customer adjusted

  4. Carousel Washing Machine

    Viverk customer adjusted

  5. Special Washing Machines

    Viverk customer adjusted

  6. Spare Parts

    After Sales

  7. Chemicals

    After Sales

  8. In stock


  9. Viverk VKT-basic

    Cabinet washing machines

  10. Viverk VKT-premium

    Cabinet washing machines

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